Big Class Challenge


It was such a pleasure visiting Oasis Academy on Friday where I taught my first ever (and probably last as it’s not easy!) lesson to year 8 pupils as part of the Big Class Challenge.

The lesson was arranged by Teach First, who work at improving the education for young people. It was highly inspiring meeting the pupils (who were so clever, well behaved and wise beyond their years), talking about my path towards becoming an MP, and importantly I told them they have the desire and passion to succeed and not to ever let anyone stand in their way or tell them they can’t achieve what they want.

When asked what they would do if they were an MP, these students came back with increased housing, more money for the NHS, protecting the environment and higher wages.

These students are well aware of their environment and what they want for society.

More reason than ever to bring the voting age down to 16, and give our young people a say on how they are governed.

I’m sure we will see these year 8’s in Parliament one day, the future is bright!