City of Trees


Exciting Tree project on Howard Street!

Yesterday on a tip off from the king of all things green, cllr Derek Antrobus, I went to visit the organisation called City of Trees who are based in Salford.

Basically they are a movement that helps Greater Manchester realise that we like trees and we need to see more of them on our streets and in our public spaces. Not just because they look nice but because they have proven health benefits, reduce pollution, improve investment in communities by making them look nice and improve our mental health and well-being.

What I saw on Howard Street on Salford that is very exciting was the first ever flood tree project, where trees are planted in urban areas and the groundwater drains into a trench underground that the trees use as their water source. It can reduce flood risks massively and is really cheap to do. The water that eventually goes through the trees and drains off into the sewers also has a large part of its pollution removed so groundwater becomes less polluted.

The hope is that the innovative design we have in Salford will be used in new housing schemes up and down the country and also to green up our urban spaces across Salford.

Cost wise, I'm told by the tree people that a grown tree like this costs about £150 so there is no reason why developers cannot factor a street tree strategy into any schemes they have going forward in Salford.


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