Demanding Justice for Concentrix Tax Credit Victims.




Today I was at the dispatch box opening the debate about the victims of Concentrix tax credit sanctions. I have pushed the government for answers on the multitude of contractual failures I have found, and I have questioned their use of a profit driven payment by results contract.

We can't simply allow a wrap on the back of the hand for Concentrix and then all get on with our business.

We see here the crude juxtaposition of the Governments duty to preserve justice against the profit delivery elements of the contract terms. Here it was seemingly skewed in favour of profit.

The risks here were real human risks, tax credits wrongly cancelled, families forced into destitution, anguish, despair and all of the associated pressures upon an individuals mental health.

In over 100,000 cases the government's former contractor Concentrix were forced to change their decisions to take away people's tax credits.

Today in Parliament I raised a case I had seen of a single mother who was denied her tax credits just before having a child, after Concentrix falsely claimed she lived with someone she never even met.

There are thousands like her - these are the real life 'Daniel Blakes' left behind and let down by this government.

The Tory government still has questions to answer. They only agreed that Concentrix's contract would not be renewed after Labour put heavy pressure on them, raising cases in the media of people like this lady.

The Government have conceded defeat on the issue and they now need to act in good faith and announce when a full public investigation will take place, and full comprehensive details of their plans to reimburse those receipts who have lost out due to their failure on this issue.