End Blacklisting Now


I was honoured to meet and support amazing and tireless anti blacklisting campaigners in the blacklisting day of action with Unite the Union.

From the 1970s, construction companies and indeed other industries right here in the UK secretly paid for information to be collected about workers. The only reason for this surveillance was to stop workers from gaining employment, especially those active in trade unions or who had raised concerns about their working conditions.

Workers who suspected that they had been blacklisted were unable to prove it; others had no idea why they were unable to get work and only found out they were blacklisted when they were informed by the authorities.

As a result, many were unable to get meaningful work and earning less money, or they were forced to leave the industry and ended up unemployed. This led to some having their homes repossessed; marriages broke down under the economic strain and some suffered physical and mental health problems. 
Despite recent court cases highlighting the issue, reports suggest that this practice still takes place today.

Labour will hold a full public enquiry into blacklisting and hold those who blacklisted innocent workers to account. We will also take decisive action to end blacklisting forever, making it illegal, ensuring that no Government contracts are awarded to blacklisting companies and ensuring that trade unions have access to every workplace.