Greater Manchester Law Centre

Last week I saw the amazing work of the GM Law Centre and Asylum support and housing advice. Free legal advice open to all.

In the face of savage cuts to legal aid many are losing access to justice. We are seeing the creation of a system where only those who can pay can have access to legal advice and representation.

This is fundamentally wrong both morally and legally. There can be no scales of justice if one side is more heavily weighted than the other.

It is clear that the system must change but in the midst of all this turmoil and injustice GM Law Centre and Asylum Housing Support have just opened.

Offering free legal advice to anyone from Salford and wider Greater Manchester they are one of few voluntary services in GM dedicated to providing the legal representation to those who need it.

They are located on Princess rd, Mosside so please pop in if you need free legal advice on any issue and please support them going forward as they make the case for Government and local funding for a free legal advice services based in Salford and other localities across Greater Manchester.