New Figures Reveal That Over 31% of Children In Salford And Eccles Are Living In Poverty

The End Child Poverty coalition has today published new figures providing a new Child Poverty map of the UK. There are more than 3 and a half million children living in poverty in the UK, and the new figures reveal that whilst child poverty exists in every part of the country, as many as 47% of children are living in poverty in some areas - compared to one in ten in others. In Salford an...d Eccles the figure is 31.9%, or to be exact 6,747 children living in poverty.

Child poverty is the highest in large cities, and of all 650 parliamentary constituencies, three Greater Manchester constituencies were in the top 20 for levels of childhood poverty. The second highest overall is Manchester Central at almost 45%. In comparison the constituency of Theresa May in Maidenhead is among the 20 with the lowest child poverty at 13.2%

The coalition of charities, faith groups and unions is warning that the benefits freeze in place until the end of the decade will mean that as prices rise, low income families will find it increasingly hard to pay for the same basic essentials.

At the same time, recent cuts to in work support under Universal Credit further penalise low income working families – pushing more working families below the poverty line.

End Child Poverty is calling on the Government to use the upcoming Autumn Statement to end the freeze on children’s benefits, and to reverse the sharp cuts being introduced to in-work benefits under Universal Credit.

Salford and Eccles MP and Shadow Chief Secretary to the Treasury Rebecca Long Bailey MP said:

“Communities like Salford and Eccles continue to struggle with the effects of Conservative austerity and the latest figures released by the End Child Poverty coalition highlights further the devastating effects of that austerity.

31.9% of children living in poverty in Salford and Eccles is an absolute disgrace. These children are not benefit scroungers or wealthy tax avoiders, they are the startling result of an ideological attack on working families. They are the result of unfair benefit sanctions and overall a failing economic policy.

The Chancellor Phillip Hammond will have a massive opportunity in the Autumn Statement to reverse George Osborne’s failures in Government and address these issues that are driving more and more children into poverty."