No sign of the Prime Minister's energy cap election pledge


Months on from the general election and still no sign of the Prime Minister's energy cap election pledge....


Today's announcement of a review shows the Government’s procrastination when it comes to reforming the broken energy market. Homes and businesses face a bleak winter ahead with soaring and unfair energy costs. They need action and the delivery of a clear election promise not another review!


Ofgem's recent watered down price cap proposals went nowhere near the promise made by the Prime Minister to adopt Labour's principle of a price cap and last week’s energy price hikes clearly showed the Government would be nowhere near implementing their election promise anytime soon.


Let's remember Theresa May pledged unequivocally to knock £100 off the bills of 17 million customers.....not a review...


It does seem that reports of senior cabinet members and the big six energy companies lobbying the Prime Minster to drop the price cap commitment are correct.