Our Friend Paul Longshaw



Statement from Rebecca Long Bailey MP and Salford and Eccles CLP Chair John Ferguson:


It is with great sadness that we must tell you that Councillor Paul Longshaw passed away suddenly yesterday.

We are shocked and devastated to lose such a good friend and comrade with a heart of gold.

Paul was committed to the Labour Party, a true socialist through and through. He loved people and he loved Salford. His passion was in housing, first as an officer and latterly as a Councillor.

He had a fire in his belly that drove him to work tirelessly improving housing across the city. He believed that a decent, secure and quality home was a human right. He also passionately believed in social housing being delivered in the way Beveridge dreamed - communities should be mixed and diverse, with decent quality social homes being of the same standard as private homes.  Solid vibrant communities providing the bedrock of aspiration and quality of life.

Paul spent over two decades working within Salford City Council’s Housing Team, and helped deliver their first fit for purpose Housing Strategy. Not content with the status quo, he could see that homes and regeneration solidified communities and changed people’s life chances.

We know when he began to see the Pendleton regeneration take place he was proud that no one could tell the difference between social homes and private homes sitting side by side. "That's the way it should be" he said.

In 2016, Paul wanted to do more, he wanted to fight against the constraints this Government was putting on this city and its aspirations to deliver for its people. A regular volunteer at homeless projects and night shelters in the city, he was angry at the senseless homelessness on our streets and so he became a councillor for the city he loved in the ward of Langworthy where he had worked so hard to regenerate.

Since being elected to the council in 2016, and serving as Lead Member for Housing he worked tirelessly to demand the funding from Government that Salford and Greater Manchester deserves to provide housing for its people.

Paul was also a committed councillor in representing the people of Langworthy, taking up their issues and concerns.

Politics was not Paul's only passion though. Many of you know him as one of Salford's number one cultural champions. He was proud of our rich musical and cultural heritage, often seen sporting Smith's t-shirts or his favourite Salford Crescent train station t-shirt, he was always encouraging us to go to gigs and plays across the city.

We will miss him and we know that you will too, but the legend of Paul Longshaw will most certainly live on.

Our thoughts and prayers are with his family and friends.