Post Brexit

Britain’s relationship with the world has fundamentally changed and now the dust is settling on one of the biggest decisions our Country has ever made.

We must quickly build our British economy now on the right principles.

We must offer a real economic alternative. A vision that resonates with the British people, rebuilds our economy and a nation to be proud of where wealth reaches out to everyone and stamps out the politics of fear and division that we have seen dominate this political debate.

People across Salford were quite right to be angry before the polls closed on Thursday. People were angry that our hospitals and schools are in a state of crisis and starved of funding. Angry that many across Salford can’t get a home. Angry that our public services are being savagely cut so that there is simply no safety net for local people to fall back on.

There’s little wonder then that millions of people expressed their discontent and hunger for a better Britain at the ballot box. No one can predict what will happen now and as Labour is not in Government we must understand that any shocks caused by Brexit will be felt most heavily in those places where the economy is weak.

At a time of such economic uncertainty, where our communities are still smarting from the Tories attacks on our public services and the most vulnerable, we must unite as a party and fight tooth and nail for the communities we seek to protect.