Salford Lads Club



Thank you Salford Lad's Club for showing me round this morning. I am made up with my 'bang tidy' new smiths pink t-shirt. Everyone needs to get in quick or they will all be gone!!!

Seriously though, it restores my faith in humaity, the ladies and gents at the Lads club are doing an amazing job providing this brilliant community service. It has been dedicated to helping the young people of Salford really achieve their potential, not be constrained by the shackles of social inequality or lack or opportunity.

They are also preserving a fantastic historic building and indeed its entire contents as a living history of Orsdall. You can see a living history of Salford quite literally walking around this building and it's a real gem. It should be a world heritage site! And theyv'e even got a resident artist Amber who does all the tshirts and other amazing merchandise you can buy online or in the shop.




See the new wall of names at Salford Lads Club which is a laser cut piece of art showing all the members of the club from 1903-2015.

Details will be out shortly about how you can sponsor particular names and the proceeds will raise much needed money for this fantastic local gem.