Salford University's New Simulation Suite and Counselling and Psychotherapy Centre

I was really impressed this week when I visited the new Simulation Suite and Counselling and Psychotherapy centre in Salford Uni's school of Nursing, Midwifery, Social Work and Social Sciences.

There were simulated wards with simulated patients, they even blinked and had pulses. It was amazing technology.

I watched a live simulated birth, the mother was very calm I must say not one single swear word, unlike my own experience! They can change the voice and length of the birth etc to reflect real life situations.

I also tried to resuscitate a simulated patient called John who had a cardiac arrest. The whole experience in the simulated ward made it seem quite stressful and real and I cannot even begin to imagine what our medical professionals go through on a daily basis. He came back to life eventually so all was good in the end.

Here is Barbara Keeley and I checking out the intensive care baby ward.