Stop the ESA Cuts at I, Daniel Blake Screening



Brilliant to see so many people from across Salford and Manchester at HOME tonight for the #stopesacut campaign showing of I Daniel Blake. Thanks for all your support.

This campaign was to try to make this Government reverse the horrific ESA cut to the most vulnerable in society. The cut will see sick and disabled people in the employment support allowance work related activity group lose up to £30 a week! People who are already facing stress and hardship.

we are all only one illness, one catastrophe, one redundancy away from Daniel Blake.

Thanks to all across Britain who made showings in their area tonight.

If you haven't seen the film yet please go, tell your friends. The film epitomises everything that is wrong with our system and how our economy fails large sections of society. We need an economy that provides a future for all of us and a system that treats people with the dignity and respect they deserve.