Three years on, “Student tuition fees are unacceptable.”

We need an education system capable of drawing on all the talents in our society. Women and people from ethnic-minority backgrounds still face discrimination in relation to employment and as shown statistically, they will carry this debt for longest and will have their life-chances disproportionately laid with debt.

There are 3,240 people in my constituency of Salford and Eccles that have been affected by the previous government’s decision to treble student tuition fees, a figure which I believe to be morally unacceptable.”


MP for Salford and Eccles and Shadow Exchequer Secretary to the Treasury Rebecca Long Bailey said:

“Students are still very angry, particularly in my constituency where a lot of parents simply can’t afford to support their children’s further education. Tuition fees are £9,000 per year, a massive increase from when I was a student in the late 90’s. Student debt on graduation now averages over £40,000. A generation of young people are starting life with debts far larger than those deemed unacceptable in other parts of Europe such as Germany where they have done away with tuition fees all together.

With debts of this magnitude it is not just students themselves who are impacted - middle income families that previously shouldered some of the burden transferred to students from progressive taxation are finding that supporting their children is beyond their means.