Attack on Trade Unions and Jnr Doctors


The Conservatives are going ahead with their Trade Union Bill, which is a direct assault on workers’ rights, civil liberties and democracy, and makes clear to see that the Conservative ruse of being ‘the party of the working people’ is a complete fallacy. Not only this but the attack will also restrict the funds Labour and other parties receive from unions which is a direct attempt to stop the money opposition parties have to contest elections.

In Parliament I voiced my concerns about the Bill and will continue to oppose this attack that will be detrimental to the UK and Salford’s future economic growth; Salford who were pivotal in the creation of the trade union movement in founding the TUC in 1868.

The government are also pressing ahead with the attack on  junior doctors, after a recent second day of strikes Jeremy Hunt is forcing through the contracts, it is vital to fight this as much as we can and continue our support for our amazing junior doctors who want to do the best for their patients above all else.