On 20th July 2015 the first vote took place for the Conservative Welfare Bill. Along with 208 fellow MPs, including 48 Labour MPs we voted against this Bill but were unfortunately defeated.


I chose to vote against this Welfare Reform Bill as I am concerned that the bill will push families into further poverty, which would severely affect many people across Salford and Eccles. I was not alone in my concerns, with many MPs across different parties, as well as Labour Leadership contenders and London Mayoral contenders also being opposed to these cuts.


The current proposals of the Welfare Reform Bill will make vast cuts to the provision of working and child tax credits which will affect millions of people across the country and many across Salford and Eccles. As of April 2015, over 3 million in-work families are dependent on tax credits. 2.7 million of these families include children. As a result of the proposed cuts these families are expected to lose £1300 next year.  In our constituency of Salford and Eccles, over 60% of families rely on these tax credits and will be hit hard when these measures come into force. That is why I voted against the cuts to working and child tax credits as I feel these impacts are too severe to the people of Salford and Eccles and across the country.